Gallery House | Austin, TX

A restaurant owner and his artistic wife wanted to refit their bungalow to their own taste and lifestyle.

The new plan called for creating a sequence of gallery type living spaces leading to a new family room which opens to the backyard.  The new u-shaped kitchen surrounds a chefs table with maple cabinets and shelves designed for display.  The kitchen anchors the home and accommodates intimate and friendly gatherings.  One steps down to the family room to be part of the backyard.  This allows a higher ceiling with comforting light filling the space from skylights above.

Color was used to define space and add architectural significance.  The dining room walls are painted blue inside the room and out to articulate a “rotunda-like” form within a larger interior space.  Maple wood details (like a floating hand-rail) are applied sparingly to add function and delicacy.

Builder: Wilmington – Gordon Inc.

Photography by Steve Oleson

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